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Trips outside NYC: Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ


Next up: The Liberty Science Center.

As a parent in NYC, one thing to remind yourself every so often is that there’s a huge world out there that seems so far away. We often reference such exotic names like: Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, and that weird place called Rockland County. :)

Today’s focus is one nearby place that probably doesn’t get enough love from NYC parents – that’s the Liberty Science center.

If you have a car available, it’s just minutes away on the other side of the Hudson River through the Holland Tunnel. From our Gramercy apartment, it literally took us 15 minutes to get there mid-morning on a Saturday via car.

Once there, you’re greeted by all sorts of great attractions. A really fun kid playground technically¬†for ages 3-up, though we snuck in Jackson when he was only about 18 months (I suppose you can claim that you have an older child in there already, and you can’t leave the young one alone, right?). The coolest thing is the balls that shoot through the air to a container across the room.

And there are some amazing animals, including hissing cockroaches, turtles, snakes, and fish.

And there’s the bubble wall…

I’m very tired, and I’ll cut this short for now. I’ll follow up with some photos from our visit.


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