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Thanks for visiting the site. I’ve been thinking about creating this blog for a while – my son Jackson just turned 2 this past Monday.

My wife and I are probably the quintessential NYC urban professional parents – mom and dad both have day jobs (and our own careers), have bills to pay, and employ an nanny during the week. We love our little guy and don’t classify ourselves asĀ tiger parents; at the same time, we do what we can to enrich Jackson’s life – reading to him daily, talking to him, being a part of his life, while giving him (some) private time and space to learn independently. I’d like to think it’s working quite well. :)

To be put things in perspective, we’re don’t have years of private school planned out. We’ll be pretty excited if we just make it through to the weekend! :) (Yeah, there will come a time for that – I’m still hoping we win the NYC public school lottery!)…

Ultimately, what this blog is about is finding hip/fun/cool things to do in NYC on a reasonable budget. I’ll do my best to document what I can so others can hopefully take away something from reading this!

Anyway, that about does it! First post done. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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